Your Support

A number of ways in which you can help ...

by sponsoring one, two, or more children/youth to attend Camp Bambanani.

by sponsoring a whole camp of 60 children!

by donating an amount for the running of the Camp Bambanani organisation.

by sharing this website with a person or organisation who can help in some way.

by sending us an email supporting our work, whether it be an idea, a contact, or a just a message .

If none of these are possible, please just send us lots of love and positive energy to assist us in continuing this very worthwhile programme.

Past and Current donors include
Rotary Club of Durban (South Africa), Rotary Club of New Haven (USA), Rotary Club of Adelaide (Australia), Association of Hole in the Wall (USA), Red Ribbon Foundation (USA), anonymous donors and individuals from America, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and South Africa.

Types of donations: Monthly standing orders, Individual sponsorship for Camp, Group sponsorship, General donation for running of organisation

Financial Management
Camp Bambanani operates as a project of Okwezingane Trust. Detailed accounts of all Camp Bambanani financial transactions are recorded. An accounting officer appointed by the Trust is responsible for the financial statements and tax submissions. The accounting officer and one of the Trustees oversee any budgets and financial reporting from the project.

What Others have Done
Jo Murtagh (UK) donated an office fund that covered the cost of a whole camp.

Eryl Foulkes (UK) donated an office fund that covered the cost of a 3 day follow-up camp.

Zena, Neil and Ross Dennison (UK) organised a sponsored hike with friends.

Jimmy Oswald (UK) donated his retirement fund to Camp Bambanani that covered the cost for 10 campers.

A Very Big Thank you to all of you who continue to donate regularly and wish to remain anonymous.
Much appreciated!

Fundraising Initiatives
Linda’s Mince Pie Making (UK) donates funds to Camp Bambanani for each mince pie sold.

Kisses for Africa (UK) offers a ‘peck on the cheek’ in exchange for a 5 pound donation to Camp Bambanani.

SATC Kaltravel provides monthly sponsorship.

Footballs for Fun sponsors footballs and funds.

World Genesis Foundation sponsors art and craft materials.

Care Bears
Camp Bambanani is also very grateful for the generous donation of ‘Care bears’ from Mother Bear project in the US. These are not only a reminder of what children learned at Camp Bambanani but, also a source of comfort when one they are not feeling well. Each care bear is unique and is ‘knitted with a lot of love’, specifically for children in need. Each has a heart sewn onto it to represent the heartfelt love they hope the children feel when they need it.

Memory Books
Camp Bambanani is very grateful to Memory Books from Home, Gresham Oregon USA, for their kind donation of memory books. The books are issued during life skill sessions or during follow-up camps (after facilitating how their importance and how to use them). Each camper receives a copy of a memory book with a copy of their photograph inserted. It is comforting to note the touching messages of love and in the memory book – especially the handkerchief embroidered with the word ‘HOPE’ – to be used on important days such as one’s wedding day!