The Camps Promote & Teach Self Help: All the activities conducted during the camp are designed to teach and promote self help in an individual. There are a series of experiential activities that are mentally, socially and physically challenging. These activities are facilitated to empower and encourage the individual to believe in themselves and realise their potential.

Outdoor activities include: canoeing, raft building, climbing and abseiling, various group dynamics, obstacle course and fuffie slide. Indoor activities include; life skills sessions, theatre and arts & craft (see below - Camp Programme – Sample Programme). All activities conducted during the camp act as a metaphor for life and aim to inspire the individual once they return to their communities.

A psychologists report was conducted in 2005 to ascertain the benefits of the camps and resulted in this positive confirmation:

“The camp and the follow-ups/reunions offer a challenging social experience for the children/youth to acquire important life skills. The activities and education provided converge around values of respect for others; patience and composure; cooperation and group harmony; generosity and sharing; spirituality and non-verbal communication. Experiential learning and challenging tasks facilitate self-esteem and self-efficacy”.

Evaluation and Research Document
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