Okwezingane Trust
Registration No. IT 1161/96
PBO No. 930026563

Okwezingane means ‘for the children’. Trust is a non-profit organisation that exists for the benefit of children. Okwezingane is based in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, and the children who it supports are from various communities in the province. Okwezingane supports organisations that are aligned to the vision of the Trust and currently Camp Bambanani project is one such organisation. Camp Bambanani provides psycho-social intervention to children in need through educational and fun camps. Okwezingane Trust is a registered PBO – Public Benefit Organisation. This status is given by the South African Revenue Services and gives it a tax exemption status.

Children who make choices to fulfil their dreams.

To provide an opportunity to children to reach their potential by collaborating with organisations who facilitate this process.

History and Formation
Originally, Okwezingane Trust was formed in October 1995 in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. The Trust was set up in response to the plight of women and children living in an informal settlement called Cato Crest just outside Durban. The intervention focused on using the creativity of children in a supportive way to generate income through the sale of garments bearing the children’s artwork. This would then contribute to the learning environment of the under-resourced school they attended, as well as the artwork unleashing the children’s creativity and imagination. In 2005 Okwezingane Trust revised itself and re-launched with a new direction. This time to support organisations that are aligned with the vision.

Okwezingane Trust – the way forward
Okwezingane Trust will continue to support Camp Bambanani by providing good governance and a solid structure to work under. In the future the Trust will work towards supporting other organisations as well as Camp Bambanani.

Trust Members
Okwezingane as a Trust has 3 Trustees ...

Catherine Phillips (Trustee)
Catherine works in the field of entrepreneurial and personal development. She is a qualified chartered accountant and business coach who has extensive experience in coaching, adult education, and financial management. She currently works with entrepreneurs to build their dreams and grow profitable, sustainable businesses. Visit www.catherinephillips.co.za for more info.

Karen Woolmer (Chairperson)
Karen has a retail and IT business management background. Having worked with Outward Bound, she is currently a partner in a personal development and team building company and African Tour company.

Naftaly Ngugi (Trustee and Director of Camp Bambanani)
Naftaly is an educator and an experiential education facilitator by profession. He taught before joining Outward Bound, (an international experiential education organization renowned for working with people from all works of life to effect behavioural change) for 12 year in Kenya, the U. S. A and South Africa. Currently working as a facilitator in the personal development field focussing on Emotional Intelligent aspects.

Wayne Humble CIS MBA (Accounting Officer)
Wayne is currently the Accounting Officer at a major manufacturing company based in Durban.