The Camps

What is Camp Bambanani?
Camp Bambanani is a psychosocial intervention dedicated to serving children and youth whose childhoods, and in turn their life, has been disrupted. 'Bambanani' means 'moving forward together'. The camp creates an environment that encourages and provides opportunities for children to “move forward” in their lives.

Why Camp Bambanani?
Due to a number of social economic challenges in their lives, many children and youth have not had the opportunity to be children.
The challenges that children and youth face include HIV/AIDS epidemic that leave most of them either infected, orphaned or head of their household and forced to look after their siblings.
The emotional environment that is created during the camp;
... gives each individual an opportunity to be “themselves”
... provides an environment for learning that is filled with hope and love… and
... provokes lifelong learning where “nothing is impossible”.

How Are The Camps Conducted?
Through a series of 5 day residential programmes, Camp Bambanani offers children and youth opportunities for enhanced self-awareness and growth, using models of Therapeutic Recreation and Intentional Programming. This is a combination of outdoor and indoor experiential activities that include a fun element and designed to promote learning.
All activities are physically, mentally and socially challenging but are conducted in an emotionally and supportive way.
The 'Experiential Learning Approach' which is a 'Learn by doing' method, is used in facilitation of all activities. This approach encourages active participation, reflection internalisation and ownership of experiences.
Most of the activities are characterised by a lot of singing and laughter.

Where Are The Camps Held?
Camps are held in environments that are conducive to learning and offer a variety of activities. The venues are either in a nature/game reserves and near a large water body for water activities.

Camp Activities Include…
Outdoors; canoeing, raft building, climbing and abseiling, various group dynamics, obstacle course and fuffie slide.
Indoor; life skills sessions, theatre and arts & craft (see -– Sample Programme (PDF).

Sample of a camp programme
(pdf download)